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of male fertility care.

Offer your patients a comprehensive sperm analysis from your office or their home, providing insights into their reproductive health and fertility potential.

Accelerated Analysis: Time-saving, Convenient

Currently, you most likely lose time and your patients lose peace of mind until analysis results are there. We solve this issue. Our advanced technology enables you to review results within minutes of receiving a sample, saving both you and your patients valuable time and reducing anxiety.

Morphology driven diagnostics

Using the most advanced ML-technology, so called adaptive neural networks, developed at Harvard University, we can detect amorphous cells with a 98% confidence, according to WHO standards. We are the only ones, who can offer this.

We talked to dozens of fertility experts

" Technologies such as yours, are the future of fertility"

Dr. Norbert Gleicher, Center for Human Reproduction

Significant potential lies in proactive male fertility care. By lowering costs and enhancing accessibility, we strive to make this a reality. Embracing at-home testing with a device that evaluates all three crucial sperm parameters provides convenience, privacy, and comprehensive assessment, further revolutionizing male fertility care.

Meet the team

Our uniquely skilled team brings together diverse expertise and a passion for innovation. The foundation of our vision stems from a medical doctor and ex-NATO Chief Medical Officer, published in The Lancet ID, whose innovative mindset guides our trajectory. We are further propelled by an ex-McKinsey consultant who adeptly crafts strategy and achieves operational targets, a rocket scientist whose pioneering space exploration technology drives our core product, and an AI virtuoso with a decade of expertise in developing proprietary medical algorithms that transform data into actionable health insights.

Dr Michel Bielecki

CEO, Ex-NATO Chief Medical

Jeyla Sadikova

COO, Ex-McKinsey Consultant

Loup Cordey

CTO, Rocket Scientist

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About Testasy

First established in 2020, Testasy began as a trailblazing remote COVID-19 testing startup. It quickly expanded its reach across multiple European countries, including Switzerland, Poland, the UK, and Estonia, becoming the first to offer telemedical remote sampling solutions for PCR tests that resulted in digital travel certificates. In 2022, Testasy embarked on an exciting new direction towards fertility, a project born from a long-held vision of the founders. Now, with cutting-edge advancements, it is poised to revolutionize and redefine the fertility landscape as we know it.Sperm testing really is rocket scienceTestasy in its current form incorporated in January 2023 in the United States, and is currently incubated at the Harvard i-lab. The ML-technology has been developed by world renowned Harvard fertility specialists. The hardware stems from an application for life exploration in space. Our rocket scientist, Loup, went from looking for life in space, to looking for life in sperm.

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